Comparisons to Competition

We’re the only EDM Machine company that provides high speed dust-free graphite milling around the continental US. Stay remarkably clean with our 100% dust free graphite High Speed EDM Machines, all at an affordable price.

3 axis linear motor or ball screws

Our EDM Machines come in both linear motor as well as ball screw drive models.

True high speed (30000) rpm mills starting under $149,000

Affordable true High Speed Milling machines.

The ONLY 100% dust free graphite option!

We’re the only EDM Machine company that provides high speed dust-free graphite milling at an affordable cost!

3 axis 4 axis of 5 axis models!

3, 4, and 5 axis applications are available on our high speed milling machines.

-Siemens, Heidenhain or Gentec CNC controls & drives

Several options for our CNC Controls and Drives.

Optional blum laster diameter compensation Blum probe

High quality super precision linear guide ways and ball screws.

16 position ATC

included with HSXE.

Free on-site training included!

Free on-site training included with all of our high speed milling purchases.

3 travel sizes available

sizes include; 400X300mm, 400X500mm, & 800X600mm travels

30,000 RPM 40,000 RPM 50,000 RPM

Oil Chilled + Laser Compensated

the highest level of accuracy,
at an affordable price.

Our high speed EDM machines are capable to produce highly precise machined parts.

Dust Free Graphite Milling

Longer cutter life, less chipping, and more sanitary.

Remarkably Clean

The only dust-free mill available on the market.

16 tool carousel

Our 16 tool Carousel ATC comes standard with our High Speed Milling Machines.

On-Site Setup and Training Included

With every EDM Machine purchase, we offer on-site set up and training with all of our sales, at no additional cost. Call us today at 1-888-289-3367 to schedule a demo of one of our high speed milling machines.

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