High Speed Mills

EDM Network supplies high quality high speed milling at an affordable cost. Engineered to handle speeds up to 30,000 – 50,000 RPMs, providing highly efficient cutting capabilities.

The only Dust-Free Graphite Mill on the Market

We offer the only Dust Free Graphite Mill in the market! The EDM Oil Shroud captures 100% of the graphite dust and sends it through a 30 micron paper filter to be used again. Filter life is approximately 6 months at normal usage.

Dust Free Graphite Milling

Graphite dust is contained and captured inside the curtain of oil. Our oil shroud dust control system prevents electrode contamination.

On Site Training Included

Training from our EDM professionals come standard with our EDM Machines.

Highly Accurate Milling

Every high speed milling machine is inspected by the strictest quality control for the excellence and stability.

Patented Cooling System

Multifunction cooling system is equipped to have a consistent temperature control on spindle, linear motor, and casting body enhancing the stability accuracy while machining.

Simplified & Modulated Circuit Design

With the modulated circuit board design, this provides better efficiency and longer electronic life within the system.

Exceptional MAchining Accuracy of PMSM

High Speed Milling Machines from EDM offer the best choice for exceptional machining accuracy.

True High Speed Milling

Our High Speed Milling machines start at an affordable price of $119,500!

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